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160504 | I see that Asda trucks are cutting through the town, wasn't it part off the planning that they leave via Cau | Facebook

Andrew Gorman

I see that Asda trucks are cutting through the town, wasn't it part off the planning that they leave Asda via the Causeway?

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Graham Coad
Graham Coad Only for the development and building if I remember correctly.
I stand to be corrected, but I don't remember that as being a planning condition or s106 agreement.

The ongoing roadworks on Carnsew Road, Causeway etc. may have been a factor recently.

We can ask Asda nicely, but I don't see any way it can be enforced at present.
Wendy Collier
Wendy Collier I was also under the impression that they were not (ever) allowed through the town!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Graham Biggs
Graham Biggs I thought the same.
Wendy Collier
Wendy Collier Tricked again????????????
Beryl Bez Smith Curran
Beryl Bez Smith Curran We thought the same
David W Raymer
David W Raymer When are we going to get control of our town and make the big lorries use the bypass and then go up Mellanear Rd to the veg transfer station . The Town is blighted by the Articulated lorries travelling through from the A30 and in reverse.
Graham Coad
Graham Coad I have again pored over the planning conditions and section 106 agreements of the planning permission for ASDA and there was NOTHING about how their trucks came and went.

All I can remember is a friendly agreement with the builders Bowmer and Kirkland
that their trucks would avoid the town.

I don't recall any such agreement with ASDA and they have been open and trading for eighteen months now.

Sounds like one of the many incorrect "Hayle Rumours". Can anyone remember who told you this?

David, the council have been told that there is nothing in road traffic law that permits banning of certain sizes or classes of vehicle unless there is a physical issue such as a weak bridge or very narrow road etc. Hayle does not qualify.
That's another reason HTC push for a Tolroy junction at every opportunity.